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Tips to Make a Super Explainer Video

If you are reading this article, I would assume that you already know what an explainer video is and what it can do for your website and or brand. Explainer videos are growing at a rapid pace, people are moving away from reading contents to watching videos and sharing them on social medias. This is a great tool in keeping your audience engaged and helps to drive more sales and grow your business.

If you are looking to get an explainer video made, below are the five things you should keep in mind which are critical to the process.


Often this is the most ignored part of the video, when we think about a explainer video, we think of animation before the script. Although animation is the element which makes the video gripping, it would not be able to accomplish this without a solid underlying script. While writing the script, please make sure that you are conveying the most important things to the visitor, not bogging them down with “too much” information. It’s best if you write the script yourself but if you want it to be written by someone else, make sure they fully understand what your products and or service are.


A well animated video is quite gripping, the characters in the animation can make you want to watch till the very end. There are times when you are watching a movie with a great script but bad star cast, you loose interest. The same goes for an explainer video animation. The characters in this video have to act the script just right.


If you are watching TV and you switch off the sound, it feels like there is something missing. The same program which you were watching, suddenly becomes less interesting. The same is true for an explainer video. Having a professional voice over on the video can do wonders and increase the effectiveness of your video 10 fold.

Video Length

Script determines the length of the video and it is a good practice to keep the video short, usually 1 minute or less. This is enough time to give your audience enough information for them to explore further on your website. Even commercials are 30 seconds long and if your script is good, this is all the time you need to convey your story effectively.

Call to action

Lastly, but not the least just like an infomercial or any advertisement for that matter, a call to action is very important. After your video is viewed, you would like your audience to take action by either visiting a website or calling you for query or even just clicking the like button. This will not only tell help you grow your business but also tell you how effective your video was.

Explainer videos can not only drive more traffic to your website and help in your SEO efforts. They have the ability to go viral on social media networks as well. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you are going to spend time and money in creating an explainer video then why not Zero Bulb make it awesome!

Amal is the co-founder and CEO of the ZeroBulb company having an experience of about 13+ years in the web agency industry.