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5 Online Marketing Strategies to Increase your Social Media Visibility

If you want to have a website that is well known and if you want to attract a solid customer base, then you need to head towards social media. In the past years, multiple social media networks have been launched and you probably have an account on most of them, too. Many businesses are now targeting this Internet sector thanks to its availability, but if you want to become successful, you need to apply some or even better, all of the five strategies that are found below. Having a top business on the Internet is difficult, especially in highly developed cities, but if you want to be the king in online marketing in Kerala, India read on.


1. Original & Quality Content

First of all, in order to have a successful website, you need content. And you do not need just any kind of content. You need original and quality content that can be easily read by your target audience. Use the appropriate language and provide real information whenever you write something. This way, your content will get shared, including on social networks, where it has an immense reach potential. You can hire a digital marketing agency to help you with some of these tasks and ease your work.


2. Regular Articles

Secondly, it is not enough for your website to be successful only once. If you write a good article, do it again and your readers will come back. I recommend writing regular articles, at least once a week. Also social media still relates to your website’s design. Furthermore, a good design and quality content are linked together at all times. If you do not have the necessary skills to do this on your own, you can hire graphics designers to help you with the design.


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3. Infographics

Moving on, to gain trust on social media networks such as Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and Google+ you need to be giving useful information. An alternative to the large article is a simple infographic. They’re much easier for readers to digest compared to an article and will often be shared among the network.


4. Increase Website traffic

When it comes to social media visibility, you still need to be active in search engine optimisation (SEO). If you don’t have a large amount of web traffic visiting your blogs regularly how can you increase social awareness of your brand? The solution is investing in SEO and driving traffic to your site and encouraging visitors to share your blogs on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


5. Engage

Last but not least, you need to engage with your customers. You do not have to write impersonal articles anymore. Speak directly to the reader and try to get him familiar with your website and with your style. You can also benefit from newsletters, blog comments and forum posts. You can hire a digital marketing company to help you with some of these tasks and ease your work.


To sum up, there are several things you need to keep in mind if you want to have a high visibility in the context of social media. You need top quality content and you need to wrap it inside a good looking website. Marketing services are also required to promote your website, but they have to be combined with SEO services. Lastly, you must maintain a close relationship with your customers and gain their trust.

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Amal is the co-founder and CEO of the ZeroBulb company having an experience of about 13+ years in the web agency industry.


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