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5 Top Tips to Maximize Website Conversions Like a Pro

Let’s face it; the main aim of a website is to get its visitors to either buy something or do something.

For this purpose, websites need to be visually appealing, easy to understand and read for users with good or impaired vision, and it needs to be as accessible as possible to users with a variety of devices such as desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

If a website doesn’t have the right balance of those key factors, then it has the potential to make visitors either bored or annoyed, and ultimately go and visit someone else’s website instead.

This can be disastrous from your point of view if you are trying to convey a certain message to them, or you want them to spend their money with you!

Here are five top tips to help you maximise website conversions like a pro:


1. Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes that web designers or website owners make when it comes to attracting the attention of web surfers is to fill each page up with masses and masses of information.

When a visitor first lands on your website, you only have a few vital seconds to keep them interested in your content. So rather than stuffing loads of content on your pages, keep the message on each page as descriptive yet as brief as possible.


2. Use big text

Another way to grab people’s attention is with big text! Now I’m not suggesting that you should make all of the text on your pages in 100 pixels in size per character, but what I am saying is that you should make those headlines reach out and make those users focus on what you have to say!

Paragraph fonts should be at least 16px, as it makes text easier to read – especially on mobile devices like smartphones.


3. Write content that packs a punch

Have you ever looked at a web page and found its content extremely boring? If so, then the last thing on your mind at the time would have been to explore the site further. This is the sort of thing you want to AVOID!

If you can’t convey your message to visitors and explain to them why they need to use your product or service, or why they should keep coming back, then you should consider paying a professional content writer or copywriter to do this for you. It’ll be the best investment you ever made – trust me!


4. Make effective use of your call to action

Presumably if you are reading this, you want your visitors to either buy or download something, or give you a call to discuss a particular matter.

The call to action is basically the element on your website that makes your visitor ‘do’ something. Whether it is a big button or a box with text and a phone number in it, your call to action needs to be prominent and not fade into the rest of your web page.


5. Be honest with your visitors

The worst thing you could do is try to disguise something on your web pages, for example, links which make users believe they are to other parts of your website when, in fact, they are just outbound links to external sites which make the website owner earn a commission on any sale (affiliate linking).

If you use affiliate links on your web pages, you ought to put a small disclaimer in the footer or a dedicated page on your website so that you can be transparent about what your intentions are.


Are you finding it hard to maximise your conversions?

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Amal is the co-founder and CEO of the ZeroBulb company having an experience of about 13+ years in the web agency industry.