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9 Essential Plugins for any WordPress Website

(Post updated with latest awesome plugins details on 5/10/2020 10:50AM IST)

There is so many plugins for WordPress out there to choose from, with many claiming to be the next best thing since the last (how many times have I heard that one ), but I have trawled through them all and come up with what I believe to be the 8 essential plugins that every WordPress website and blog must have.


1. Yoast

At number one we have the creme of all WordPress plugins, this is one beauty no WordPress site should be without, even if your not blogging and just using it as a Content management system. You have full control over every post, category page and even single page meta data. It has a handy keyword tool built in that displays at the bottom of every post, giving you a run down of your keyword consistency as well. Don’t just take my word for it download it and see for yourself.
Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Screenshot


2. WP Super Cache

So why did I put WP Super Cache at number 2 on my list? Well… it cut the page speed in half for my site, and even more for some of my clients, while it can be a little tricky and even seem a little advanced to some WordPress users, there is plenty of easy to follow step by step guides available on Google – i can’t recommend this plugin enough.
WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin Screenshot


3. Super Progressive Web Apps

It’s an awesome plugin in WordPress directory to easily convert a WordPress website into Progressive Web Apps. It’s developed by SuperPWA, and the plugin helps to change the website into app in simple clicks. It supports home screen, splash screen, offline pages and quick installation without the need of any app store. Progressive Web Apps is the latest technology of web that support upon desktop, mobile, that appears to the user as native mobile applications. Don’t just take my word for it, download Super Progressive Web Apps and see for yourself.

Super Progressive Web Apps SuperPWA WordPress Plugin

4. Jetpack by the WordPress team

Developed by the WordPress team – Automatic, we have an WordPress plug-in that is truly special in all sense of the matter, meet Jetpack. Features include, publicize, which with just a couple of minutes setup will automatically post your content on linked social media sites the moment you publish it on your blog.

Then there is proton, this reduces the load on your server, how you might be asking? WordPress stores your images on their static domain, meaning less requests on your server its one of them truly awesome features that every one using WordPress blog should utilize.

Jetpack by WordPress Plugin Screenshot

5. Akismet

Comment spam protection at its finest, Akismet is top dog when it comes to moderating WordPress comments.
its free to sign up and use their basic service which is more than enough for small time blogs. if you have head over to the akismet website and sign up. Enter your api key in WordPress and away you go.
Akismet by Automattic Plugin Screenshot


6. Contact Form 7

Contact forms made easy and free, it includes ajax, form validation and full customization options included. Easily embed forms in blogs and page with simple easy to use short codes. WordPress essential for business owners or freelancers.
Contact Form 7 Plugin Screenshot


7. Really Simple CAPTCHA ( For Contact Form 7 )

Contact form 7 has added support for captcha, but to use it you will need this little puppy, head over to the WordPress site and grab this plugin


8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is used to optimize mobile content that can load instantly everywhere. It’s an open source initiative supported by technology companies like Google and Twitter for faster loading of web pages. AMP pages are loaded when the user visits from Google search and from a mobile device.
AMP by Automattic WordPress Plugin Screenshot


9. Tumblr Importer

For bloggers who started on tumblr, this is the plugin for you. You can export all your post data from tumblr right into WordPress saving you the long drawn out task of having to copy and paste it all.


10. Floating Social Bar

No serious blogger should be without a way for their followers to like and share their content. This plug-in creates a fixed social sharing menu that hovers beside your post. highly customizable and a plug-in you should not be without.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, 8 essential plugins that every WordPress user should have in their arsenal. They are not resource intensive and some even improve the performance of your website. An awesome website design and customized website will help to increase your sales and business. Looking some cool agency for awesome website designing or someone for WordPress website development that looks professional and can capture your business goals? Contact Zero Bulb now.

Think I got it wrong and want me to jump off a cliff tied to a slack bungee cord? – just kidding. If you think I got it wrong and want me to review the above just leave me a comment below.

Amal is the co-founder and CEO of the ZeroBulb company having an experience of about 13+ years in the web agency industry.


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