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5 Online Marketing Strategies to Increase your Social Media Visibility

If you want to have a website that is well known and if you want to attract a solid customer base, then you need to head towards social media. In the ...

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Everything you need to know about Website Redesign Services

Virtually all websites undergo at least minor redesigns over there life. While hiring professional website redesign services can certainly be a major ...

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4 Important Criteria for Choosing Your Logo Designer

Logo design is big business around the world these days. Logo design competition sites are sprouting like mushrooms, very controversially among both ...

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Web Design is the Key to a Successful Online Business

As with every other aspect of your marketing and promotion, your website can be the first impression of you and the web design is the key to a ...

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How to Setup Progressive Web Apps on Your WordPress Website

Do you want to setup Progressive Web Apps on your WordPress website? Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the modern websites that have the same user ...

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How to Effectively Use your 404 Page

We are sorry. The page you are looking for does not exist. “Well, dang. Now what?” Things go wrong: old pages are moved or removed, links can be ...

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The Case for Microsites – When And Why

Microsites are often an inexpensive and effective way to accomplish a targeted goal. Complete website overhauls can often be a lengthy and costly ...

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Tips to Make a Super Explainer Video

If you are reading this article, I would assume that you already know what an explainer video is and what it can do for your website and or brand. ...

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9 Essential Plugins for any WordPress Website

(Post updated with latest awesome plugins details on 9/4/2018 10:50AM IST) There is so many plugins for WordPress out there to choose from, with many ...

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Influence Your Customers Decisions with Colour

Colour in web design is a very important tool in our arsenal, it sets the mood and feel of the website, sparks subconscious emotions and directs our ...

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7 Tips to reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, that pesky little devil that always pops up in Google Analytics, What is it and what can we do to reduce it? I’ve spent the past few ...

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5 Top Tips to Maximize Website Conversions Like a Pro

Let’s face it; the main aim of a website is to get its visitors to either buy something or do something. For this purpose, websites need to be ...

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